Wealth Management

Our wealth management service is offered through Wealth Advisors NW and is our most comprehensive offering.  Clients who choose this option can expect the highest level of service in all areas of their financial life. You will have a team made up of a Financial Advisor, Tax Advisor, Client Service Manager, and various other team members to support you.  This team will work together to accomplish your goals through comprehensive financial planning including tax planning, investment management, and tax preparation.  You will have a dedicated service team to ensure your needs are met promptly.

We believe the foundation of your financial success is having a clear plan or road map.  This is accomplished through a goal based financial plan.  Our process is not based on the tedious process of accounting for every penny spent and saved.  Over the long term this is difficult, if not impossible, and generally inaccurate.  We instead look at what is needed to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.  Once a determination has been made of what is required to meet your goals you can decide if the sacrifices now are worth the reward in the future and choices can be made accordingly.  On a yearly basis, we will evaluate your goals (they do change) and your progress to make sure you are on the path to success.  We believe with a clear plan you will successfully accomplish your goals.

Through the planning process we will evaluate your needs in six key areas: Cash Management, Tax Planning, Protection Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Wealth Accumulation.  As a fee-based only financial firm we do not offer commission based products but some client needs may require them.  In these cases, we work closely with professionals that can offer these products while having our support to make sure that you are getting what your scenario requires.  Our fee based approach always places your needs ahead of ours, simply put, we are only successful when our clients are. 

This holistic approach to planning allows us to implement plans through sound tax efficient and low-cost investing.  Based on your needs we have the freedom to use a variety of investment accounts and vehicles for you.  IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans, or taxable accounts will all be used to help you achieve success as you see it.  Because your team includes investment and tax professionals, tax efficiency investment vehicles will always be sought and utilized when possible.  Low-cost tax efficiency is a driving force behind wealth accumulation and it always at the forefront of our plans.