Financial Planning

Building a house with no blue prints would be foolish and managing your finances without a plan is no different.  A financial plan creates a blue print for you to meet your financial dreams and goals. Wealth Advisors NW believes in using a goal-based plan to help you determine what you want to accomplish (your Goals) and what changes need to be made to achieve them.  This approach creates a more realistic outcome as opposed to a cash flow based method which is difficult to project for the long term.  Simply determining what your needs, wants, and wishes are for your future allows us to see if you are on track to achieve them.  If not, then we formulate plans to accomplish them.  You will have a clear idea of what may be needed to achieve your goals and you can decide if the goal is worth pursuing, and what changes need to be made.

Through data gathering, planning meetings, and implementation, we will critique and monitor your financial plan. We rely on the data that you provide us and your plan will only be as good as this data.  That is why the data gathering process is so important.  Once data is received we meet one to two times to confirm, discuss changes that may need to be made, and finalize a plan.  The final plan will include action items that we will work on together over the following year.  From one year to the next we can adjust goals as they evolve and change, track progress, and make changes to the plan as they become necessary.  We act as a partner in assisting you to your destination and a source of encouragement.